Ford Focus cu Sync 2 2015 fara navigatie

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Salut, Sync 2 de pe fordul meu nu are navigatie. Cum pot sa pun hartile pentru navigatie?
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Cauti pe OLX dupa Activare navigatie FORD. E nevoie de cateva modificari pe masina, deci cel mai ok este sa te adresezi cuiva cu instrumentele necesare si experienta
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Mie Oct 11, 2017 11:25 am

For this method, we express our gratitudemurahtin_dmitry on the profile forum!

Instructions for activating navigation SYNC2
WARNING! All that you do yourself on the instructions below is done at your own peril and risk! If you do not understand any of the instructions, it is better to specify them in specialized sections of thematic forums (links at the end of the article).
So, dear friends, finally have waited! There was an instruction to activate navigation on our cars. Less than 5 years;) And indeed, a disgrace, the car until 2015 was this ability is deprived, despite the fact that "strangled" it was software!
The activation procedure itself is pretty simple and takes little time with tools and pre-loaded files. In order to activate the navigation on your car you need:
1. Update SYNC2 to version 3.08 (for details click here , even more here )
IMPORTANT! All the further steps to perform only after the update SYNC'a. If you do not get upgraded to 3.8, then we torment SYNC until it does not work out! Only after that we proceed to activate navigation!
2. Activate the navigation module
3. Insert the memory card with city maps (the last one at the moment is F5)
The first paragraph I will not paint, everything is detailed on the links. We proceed to the second point.
From the hardware you will need:
1. ELM327 USB version 1.5 (I pay attention to the version - very often on sale you can find the older version 1.5a - not suitable!) + Laptop based on Windows 7/8 / 8.1 with preinstalled program FORScan with Extended license and support for editing as-built . I used the first successfully obtained WiFi adapter ELM. The program itself can be downloaded from the official FORScan site , I used FORScan version 2.3.1 beta for Windows . The extended license is available free of charge in a test mode for 2 months (you can get it on the FORScan forum In order to get the cherished key, you need to be registered on FORScan forum (I pay attention that activation of the account there is manual, I waited about three hours).
2. Fully working USB flash drive, formatted in FAT32.
All work with memory cards (from formatting to copying files) I highly recommend to run on computers running Windows OS!
Activation itself is divided into 2 stages, the order of their implementation is not regulated in any way, it is possible to fulfill the second point first, then the first one. But! Until both items are met simultaneously, you will not see any changes.
Stage 1. Activate navigation in the APIM configuration.
1. Sit in the car with all the belongings (laptop configured with an adapter), turn the key to the first position (ON).
2. Connect the adapter and run the FORScan program. Note that the first start will be relatively long (it took me several minutes), until all the modules of the car are read.

3. Go to the configuration and programming section. Select the configuration of the APIM module and start the procedure

4. In the first byte at 7D0-01-02, change 00 to 04

5. Writing changes

6. We say in the affirmative

7. At this point, everything should go out, turn off and turn on the ignition. I started the scheduled maintenance of the SYNC system.
2 stage. Installing the license for the navigation software. (update from 10/06/2016)
1. Download the file NaviPatch.png from here: (clicking on the link does not click on the file itself, but on the Download button on the right at the top)
2. Copy it to a clean USB- flash drive
3. We insert into the USB port SYNC2 of our car
4. Go to the download section of images for the desktop and in the preview window for the selected image NaviPatch.png on the flash drive press Unlock
5. After this procedure it is desirable to make a general reset to the factory settings, after This should appear (provided that step 1 of the instruction is followed), the treasured button "i" PFA,5.0.html
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